Financial Services

We offer our clients independent fee-based financial planning, pension and investment advice. Being ‘fee-based’ sets us apart from most financial advisors. We are passionate about representing our clients best interests at all times. At Moylan & Associates we hold agencies with all the major Life Companies (see list of all agencies at bottom of this page) operating in Ireland thus ensuring clients are in receipt of the best advice on the market.


It is very important to consider your retirement options as early as possible. Without making some provision in advance, there is no way to be sure that you will have enough money to fund a reasonably comfortable lifestyle after you retire. Therefore with a little planning, it is you who will get to decide the quality of your lifestyle after you retire, not the government. We provide an arrange of Pensions and Retirement funds for both individuals and company alike:

  • PRSA’s
  • Employer Sponsored Pension Schemes
  • Personal Pensions
  • Directors Pension Plans
  • Self Administered Pensions
  • Approved Retirement Funds (ARF)
  • Approved Minimum Retirement Funds (AMRF)
  • Group Life & Income Protection



“Protect your most valuable asset – Your Family”

Is my family secure if something unfortunate was to happen? How much cover do I have versus the cover I really need? Can I reduce the cost of any existing Life cover/ serious illness I have?

Most of us know that we need to protect ourselves, our families and homes against the financial hardship that could be caused by an illness or death in the family but some of us are unable to answer the basic questions posed above. However the many types of protection and options available can be very confusing and complicated. Included in the FAQ section of this website is a brief description of some of the options available.

Protection is all about peace of mind. For more information on our range of protection options below why not call to arrange a review of your finances at a time that suits you.


Regular savings plans are designed as a simple and flexible way to save for the medium to long term. You can choose from a range of product providers, how much you wish to save and how often. You will have access to a range of funds covering equities, property, commodities, fixed interest and cash. Such funds will allow you to specifically tailor your savings plan to your individual needs and attitude to risk.


Business Services


  • Keyman Insurance represents a group of insurance plans all designed to financially protect business from the affects of prolonged illness or even death of staff who are central to the prosperity of the business.
    The insurance can’t replace people but it can provide cash to buy time and cover the costs of temporary staff, recruitment, loss of profits or provide a cash injection.
  • Co-Shareholders / Co-Directors / Partnership Protection

Co-Director/Partnership protection is concerned with maintaining and continuing the business in the event of one or more of the directors/partners ceasing to act as a director/partner, due to illness, injury or death.