Accounting, tax and financial planning for medical practitioners

 Running a successful medical practice has never been harder with the goal posts forever shifting and more and more demands being made on GPs and Practice Managers.

Moylan & associates offers a fully integrated accounting, tax and financial planning service to medical practices and individual doctors.  Our specialist team of accountants and financial planners have a wealth of experience to draw on whether you are a single-hander or a large partnership, considering a merger or just trying to do the day job.

We will deal efficiently with and demystify the annual compliance requirements of accounts (including focused benchmarking), tax returns, expense claims and Superannuation AVC’s.  In undertaking the annual compliance work we will always be looking to add value whether it be identifying opportunities or spotting inefficiencies.

In addition we can assist with:

  • Forecasting practice profits, partners’ drawings, tax and superannuation payments
  • Advice and planning regarding the HSE Pension Scheme and GMS Supperannuation Scheme and particularly the annual and lifetime allowances.
  • Capital allowance claims
  • VAT issues
  • Finance and partnership arrangements – everything from profit shares and financing to assessing tenders and setting up companies